The website calculator is built based on the following model coefficients.

Variable Model coefficient
Sex (female) -0.8407
Age at discharge -0.0299
Previous violent crime 1.1682
Previous serious violent crime -0.4480
Primary diagnosis at discharge

–        Schizophrenia spectrum

–        Bipolar disorder

–        Unipolar depression

–        Anxiety disorders

–        Other






Drug use disorder at hospitalisation or discharge -0.1188
Alcohol use disorder at hospitalisation or discharge 0.2288
Personality disorder at discharge 0.3052
Employment before admission -0.578
Number of previous inpatient episodes (five or more) -0.4676
Lifetime drug use disorder 0.7964
Length of stay in forensic hospital (12 months or more) -0.4576

Note. In the original FoVOx paper Appendix table 6, the coefficients for sex and age were mistakenly exchanged.