FoxWeb – These are series of studies developing and testing tools that monitor violence risk over time. See Foxtext questionnaire, which is the basis for monitoring risk used in these studies.

The first study was in discharged psychiatric patients and shows that it is feasible to use using a web-based portal based on TrueColours: Web-Based Violence Risk Monitoring Tool for discharged forensic psychiatric patients

Publication: Gulati G, Cornish R, Al-Taiar H, Miller C, Khosla V, Hinds C, Price J, Geddes J, and Fazel S
Web-based violence risk monitoring tool in psychosis: pilot study in community forensic patients 
Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice (2016) – doi: 10.1080/15228932.2016.1128301.

The second study examines prediction of inpatient violence in general adult psychiatric and forensic psychiatric wards, and tests the incremental predictive performance of the dynamic factors in the Foxtext questionnaire in addition to static factors such as age, sex, and previous violence.

Publication: Publication: Fazel S, Toynbee M, Ryland H, Vazquez-Montes M, Al-Taiar H, Wolf A, Aziz O, Khosla V, Gulati G, and Fanshawe T
Modifiable risk factors for inpatient violence in psychiatric hospital: prospective study and prediction model
Psychological Medicine (2021) – doi: 10.1017/S0033291721002063